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Facts people should know before buying a Linen Saree.

  • Thread Count: While buying a linen saree, you have been probably told to pay attention to the thread count. Thread count refers to the number of horizontal (weft) and vertical (warp) threads per square inch. Generally, higher the thread count, softer will be the fabric, and more likely it will be wearable or become softer over time. An average linen saree is counted between 60 to 120 count. So the thread count is an indication of only the texture of the linen saree. Thread count is not an indication of the Quality of the saree. Myth Broken!


  • Linen as a fabric is stronger: The tensile strength of linen is twice as much as cotton, and thrice as much as wool because the fibre is derived from the middle of the flax plant, so it will naturally be stronger. So interestingly, linen is far more superior in quality and strength than you think!


  • Warp or Weft based: Linen is warp based saree where all the warps are made up of only Linen yarn. If we use linen yarn in both the warp and the weft, they are called linen by linen. Other options include combinations using linen as the prime yarn in the warp and using 30% - 40% cotton or silk or khadi with linen in the weft making them linen by cotton or linen by silk or linen by khadi respectively. Linen is breathable but has the tendency to be stiff. When linen yarn is combined with cotton, khadi, and silk the texture of the saree changes accordingly. Interesting right!


  • Linen is wearable throughout the year: Linen is one of the best fabrics. It is comfortable and has sweat absorbing properties. The main benefit of wearing linen during summer is that it allows easy air flow and reflects heat better. In hot weather, people dressed in Linen were measured to be 3-4 degrees cooler than people dressed in silk or cotton. Everybody thinks Linen is only for summer, but the fact is it can be made heavier with the warp-weft tricks and can be made wearable even in the winters too. Woot Woot!


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