My love for sarees blossomed watching my mother adorn sarees. The way she effortlessly did all her work wearing a saree always fascinated me. Over the years, sarees evolved and I found myself captivated by the sheer beauty and intricate artistry of Tussar silk sarees. Through ZIVA CLOTHING, I aspire to share my adoration for Tussar silk sarees with the world—a fabric that not only adorns but also empowers. Each creation is a testament to the skilled hands and it is my honor to showcase their brilliance through our collections.

- Keerthana Pavanth, Founder ZIVA CLOTHING


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The saree was very elegant to drape.

- Ashmitha Amal, Coimbatore.

I loved the saree and the colour looks much better than in person than pictures.

- Ishwarya RM, Chennai.

This saree was love at first sight for me and I am very happy with the purchase.

- Anu Mishra, Greater Noida.

I choose a rare colour and I loved the saree in person.

- Nethra Reddy, Bangalore.

I love their unique designs and colour combinations.

- Ashmitha Amal, Coimbatore

Beautiful Collections

- Divya Mary Cyraic, Kerala

I draped this saree for an event and it was a head turner.

- Saranya Ravichandran, Chennai.

Amazing collection of Tussar Silk Sarees.

- Spurthi Gowda, Kanakapura.

The saree was very comfortable and easy to drape. I loved it.

- Sunitha Scharma, Kochi

Very beautiful saree!

- Ashmitha Amal, Coimbatore

The colour was very rich and I loved it so much.

- Anju Antony, Malappuram.

I loved the chevron prints and was very happy to style it.

- Srinithi, Chennai.

Kalamkaari Prints are my most favourite one from their collection.

- Anu Mishra, Greater Noida.

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