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Journey of Looms and their weaving story!

 Making a saree is very labour intensive. It involves a community of artisans, often a family of weavers or dyers, coordinating with each other, building upon years of tradition. Once the desired yarn has been procured from the market, the following processes are involved in creating a finished product.   Step 1. Dyeing  Yarns (in hanks) are hand dyed by the local dyers. Finer the yarn, the more difficult its dyeing. The yarn needs careful handling as consistent water treatment reduces its strength.   Step 2. Reeling  Reeling of dyed yarns into spools is done by hand on the “charkhas” or spinning wheels. For handspun products, the dyed thread is strengthened and softened by soaking overnight in a solution of rice...

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Linen - Decoding the Fashion Industry

Contrary to the popular belief, you do not have to be a wealthy boat owner or of a certain age or demographic in order to wear linen. There is a particular stereotype associated with linen wearers and we're here to bust that myth. Borrow some tips to increase your SQ (Style Quotient) GO SOLID! Want to make a fashion statement in your own way? Then pick a fully plain solid Linen saree and pair it with a patterned blouse, dainty layered jewellery and a subtle makeup. These Linen sarees make you stand out in the crowd and also boosts your confidence. Loud shades or Pastels both speak volumes if you know how to carry them. They make you look worthy! MODERN...

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Facts people should know before buying a Linen Saree.

Thread Count: While buying a linen saree, you have been probably told to pay attention to the thread count. Thread count refers to the number of horizontal (weft) and vertical (warp) threads per square inch. Generally, higher the thread count, softer will be the fabric, and more likely it will be wearable or become softer over time. An average linen saree is counted between 60 to 120 count. So the thread count is an indication of only the texture of the linen saree. Thread count is not an indication of the Quality of the saree. Myth Broken!   Linen as a fabric is stronger: The tensile strength of linen is twice as much as cotton, and thrice as much as wool because the fibre...

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