About Us

ZIVA was started in the year 2016 with the aim of setting a trend in our cultural attire. Every woman has her own flair and always loves the attention and compliments received in her way. Oh yeah! ZIVA provides you with the most trending designs of drapes.

Handpicked from various parts of India rich with heritage, we have gathered the best in the country under one platform for you. Our designs are totally handmade by very skilled artists/weavers who put their heart and soul into creating a masterpiece. Every product is made with utmost delicacy, care and love. Every thread speaks of the art, the skill and the story of the weavers who are the gems of our country. We are on a mission to encourage those artisans. 

In a short span of time we have associated ourselves with 2000+ customers through various channels and now with our website platform, our dream of associating ourselves with millions of people globally is a step closer. Amidst the busy and competitive life, women miss their shopping sprees. ZIVA will come in handy for all those women who want to make a fashion statement in their own way from their home/work space. ZIVA is focused on a saree revival, bringing to forte this elegant and timeless six yards of fabric in a myriad of hues, weaves, patterns, fabrics, and traditions.  All our creations embody premier quality statement pieces that resonate tradition.

ZIVA runs on an integrated network of many people headed by two young minds who have given their 100% in whatever they've done and have never left a stone unturned. Passion and Compassion towards fashion has made ZIVA produce the best designs and win many hearts. We are on a mission to spread happiness through drapes!